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Go from idea to investments in few months

Unicamel program is a pre-acceleration program that gives early-stage founders an opportunity to obtain the knowledge to launch their project in the market.

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Customized Programming & Strategy Sessions

Take advantage of our coaching and mentoring sessions that you can schedule on your own time and that are tailored to your growth stage needs. Use our tools to make a clear, long-term plan for your business and an exit strategy, and then put it into action.

Strategic partnerships

Learn the best ways to reach out to the community in your area, and work on building partnerships and making business connections.

Sales outreach

Expand your sales pipeline with the help of our local Dubai based team, improve your outreach and conversion tactics.

Product-market fit & sales boost

Use our resources to obtain feedback from customers, adapt pricing and business models.

What you can expect during the program?

Unicamel helps you build your startup in as little as 4 weeks.

Unicamel's program is designed in a practical way to involve you in every step in the process of building high scalable marketing strategy, irresistible product messaging, and a high-converting funnel to scale and validate your startup idea with limited budget.

Gathering information about target markets, potential customers, and competitors with tested frameworks by the world's top 3% of startups.

We build your product more cost-effectively, in a better, faster, and cheaper way. 

Get the frameworks needed to build a holistic growth strategy and identify the highest-leverage levers for your team to focus on getting your first paying customer.

Get a constant and predictable flow of customers to grow revenue.

Acquire customers profitably so you can reinvest back into your engine.

Have confidence knowing you're prioritizing the right initiatives.

Our program Additional perks and benefits

On average our program helps companies save from one to three years when scaling by providing access to our resources, local experts, practical tested strategies and as well fundraising support.

Fundraising Support

Network & community

Our Program commonly featured by

No more second-guessing on every decision

It took us 9 years to understand lean startup method, so you shouldn't!


You need modern solution. Our solution is 5x more useful, flexible, scalable, and easy to use than other.

97% failed startups

It's takes minimum 5x longer to build a super app, good luck.

Price and timeline

$5-20k / 4-6 weeks

Price and timeline

$50-150k / 4-6 months

No code platform

Bubble, Adalo, and Webflow are what we use. We add code only rarely. ​

Native code & frameworks

Most projects use languages like JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, and so on. Even though they're strong, they're hard to learn, grow, and keep up. ​

4-to-6-weeks launch

No-code platforms handle things like signing up, logging in, searching and filtering, admin, profiles, etc. ​

4-to-6-month launch

Once you buy it, it's yours for good. Perfect deal! ​

MVP costs $5-10k

Your idea does not need engineers to work on it. The usual team members are a designer, a product manager, and a developer. By building in weeks, costs can be kept down and planned for. ​​

MVP costs $40-100k

Prices for native apps are based on the hour and cost tens of thousands of dollars ($40–60+/h in Eastern Europe and Asia or $150–300+/h in the US and Western Europe). ​

Set goals and team

Scope is usually set at the beginning and never changed. Or, you pay the growing team by the hour. ​

Scope and team size can be set or changed

We offer both fixed scope and budget (to release certain features for a set price) and flexible scope and a dedicated team that works with you over time (to provide continuous delivery for a monthly subscription). ​

Reusing customized templates and plugins

We've made hundreds of plugins and templates to help you get started quickly on your project and get results 5x faster. We don't try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we spend most of our time on your unique value propositions. ​

Making the same thing twice ​

Most apps do the same things over and over again, like chat, the way you sign up, how you pay, etc. Why should you pay for something that has already been done? ​

Delivering business value

We focus first and foremost on bringing business value since our incentives are 100% aligned. It's a win-win collaboration.

Delivering features

Hourly rates encourage people to work slowly, make bad technical decisions, work too much, and ship features. ​

Easy to change and try again ​

With no-code, it's easy to quickly support, change, and iterate on the product. You can also make small changes on your own if you want to.

No changes

Once the project is done, making changes is hard or expensive. So, most of the time, the team moves on to the next project and leaves you to your own devices. ​

Support that changes over time ​

We know that it usually takes a few tries to find a business model that works and a product that fits the market. Because of this, we offer ongoing support so that you can quickly iterate and test new ideas. ​

Pricey or no help ​

To keep support going, you have to keep using the same expensive engineers, who usually don't like to work on old projects. You are often left alone. ​

You in that 97% startups category?

Supercharge your startup with outstanding strategies used by world's top 3% of startup.

before and after

Many startup founders fail to build their startups. Let us share one success story

Travel packages platform


Time cost

12 months


Never Build One

# of Users


$ Money spend


$ Revenue Generated



Failed ⛔️

Unlimited design platform


Time cost

3,5 weeks



# of Clients


$ Money spend


$ Revenue Generated




Supercharge your startup with outstanding strategies used by world's top 3% of startup.

Our value

500+ Startups use Unicamel program to skip the trial and error. It’s about time you joined them.

Unicamel replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies with one flat fee and results that come so fast they'll blow your mind.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The value is insane!" “I can hire a full-time professionals team for less than $10000. I have to give the Unicamel team props for making a business out of a great idea."

John W., Working together since Jul 2020

Get your ideas validated

so you’re blazing with confidence

Get personalized advice

on your growth strategy

Get clarity

on things you’re struggling with

Get a virtual shoulder

to sob on + practical advice on how to move forward

Still thinking, is Unicamel right for you?

Unicamel's highly recommended for...

Founders, marketers, and operators willing to build their own businesses.

Don't want to spend $10k/mo on marketing agencies or other expensive services providers.

Spending a lot of money to acquire a customers and having a hard time scaling your business.

You have a proven product but have struggled to consistently and efficiently grow revenue.

You're building startup for first time. No marketing, design, or technical experience? Our step-by-step guidance will walk you through everything you need.

Unicamel's not a fit if you

You'd rather outsource than learn how to do it.

You're looking for high-level theory. Our program is highly optimized to produce practical results.

Late-stage companies that already have massive scale.

If you fall into this group, our agency can help you build defensible growth.

Unicamel is used by top companies all over the world to validate their ideas. ❤️

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5 rating from 338 reviews

Join the companies with the most rapid growth.

Have an idea? Let’s launch your Start-up 5x faster!

Supercharge your startup with outstanding strategies used by world's top 3% of startup.​

Save up to 5X time and money​

100% Money-back guarantee​