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From idea to the first paying customer in 30 days.

The overall goal of UniCamel is to help startups really practically take off. They join our program at all different stages. Some haven’t even started working yet, and others have been launched for a year or more. But whatever stage a startup is at when they join, our goal is to help them to be in dramatically better shape 1 months later.

30 days online practical program

6 experts work on your project

100% Money-back guarantee

Intense Practical journey

Launch your startup in As Little As 4 Weeks

Bootcamp - Week 1

During the first week of UniCamel. We work closely together to restructure the business, and dive deep into the problem we are solving, competition, and the value proposition. Not to mention the target audience, channels and strategy we are going to use. Then we use project management tools to assign and prioritize tasks to build the MVP and get ready to start the fun part.

A / B - Week 2

This is the most important week of your business. We will launch the MVP and try different target audiences with the most attractive techniques used by high scalable startups. We keep an eye on different tools that track the user journey, behavior, and numbers to adapt our solution accordingly and that’s why we call this week A / B.

Hunt - Week 3

This week we launch our best campine based on the numbers and market responses that we will adapt to so quickly. We call it “Hunt” as we will be focusing on selling and getting the first paying customer and closing our first deal while we focus on the unit economics of the business. We will build together the most effective sales funnel and financial model with accurate numbers that allow the business to grow.

Personal Development - Week 4

In the last week of the program we focus on making sure the founder fully understands the whole process and confident enough to take it forward on his own. We monitor your performance while we assign you different tasks to make sure that you are ready to go. We focus on handing over the whole startup data, website ownership, and 3 month growth plan.

Intense Practical Journey

selection process

After going through stages of selection, you will join a group of like-minded people where you can find tools to help you become an innovative, dynamic, and confident entrepreneur.



Results Announcement ​

Kick-off your startup​

Startups per cohort
Applications per round
Validated startups
Founder's participated

Benefits After program

Help in relocation to the Dubai after the program

Ongoing support​

You will always feel that you have virtual co-founders to refer to for advice during the journey​

Priority for the seed program

You get priority for our seed program focusing on scaling and expanding startups to the MENA region​

Discord community

Join our invite only discord community, to be connected with like-minded individuals for continue support​

Designed By​ founders for Founders

Edvinas Bernatavicius

Main area: Marketing, Project management

6 years experience in launching seed stage projects at record speed 🚀. No matter what kind of budget you have, Edvinas gonna find way how validate your idea in right way 📈.

Ahmed Ali

MAIN AREA: Business Development

Ahmed is a hustler with a MAKE IT HAPPEN attitude. He is a real doer 💪🏻 with 4 years of experience in the biggest tech-hub in region. He worked closely with many startups 🦄 and supported them during the journey.

Edvinas Rakickas


Edd is the one that will ask the right questions and find the answers 🏁. Innovative solutions is the name of the game, and with broad experience at Fintech and Startups 🚀. Edd is a wonderful addition to the team and company evolution.

Still Thinking If Unicamel is right for you?

What early stage founders does

Watch online courses to learn how to build a business

Build a Super App with thousands of dollars before market fit

Apply for 3 - 6 month incubator program gives you theoretical advices

Believes that he can build a successful startup alone

Trying to raise funds without validation

Doesn't know his value proposition and target audience

If you fall into this group, our program is for you

Have an idea? Let’s launch your Start-up 5x faster!

Supercharge your startup with outstanding strategies used by world's top 3% of startup.​

Save up to 5X time and money​

100% Money-back guarantee​