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Learn how we help ambitious founders scale

More than 20 industry-specific programs in our global family help startups grow by giving them direct access to a global network of the best mentors, partners, and investors.

30 days online practical program

6 experts work on your project

100% Money-back guarantee


Same strategies have been used by 50,000 fast-growing companies like:

Practical knowledge for future startup founders

The easiest way to succeed

Team collection

Join forces with other participants as a CEO or Co-Founder, or join the startup of a previous participant.

Test your market fit

Test hypotheses, develop a US, EU, ASIA market entry strategy, and launch a product throughout the course of the program

Join startup world

Join the startup world scene, make connections, and start selling.

Represend your startup to 200+ investors

Get an opportunity to present your startup to 200+ investors from all over the world


We accept startups at the pre-seed or seed stage


We invest through our fund up to $1M

3 Essential Startup Elements

Unicamel believes that entrepreneurship, engineering, and fundraising are the three most important parts of a successful startup, which we can provide.

Market validation

We gonna craft a 4 weeks plan, which will be focused on your project market fit validation.

Core team & engineers​

We’ll handpick the experts your project needs (no-code devs, designers, PMs) and kick-off your idea in right way, with right plan & strategy!​

Venture capitalists ​

At the beginning of our investments plan, we put people ahead of ideas. We focus on finding and attracting the right people by working closely with founders through UniAccelerator and building rocket teams through Unicamel market validator.​

UniProgram Built by Venture

One of the ten most active funds in Asia is called UniVC, and one of the divisions of UniVC is called Unicamel. In the later phases, we assist raise money from angel investors and tier-1 funds while also making investments ourselves. ​

Validate your idea 5x faster and cheaper


200+ Portfolio companies


$500K Average check


200+ Investors in the UniCommunity


Unicamel helps you build your startup in as little as 4 weeks.

Unicamel's program is designed in a practical way to involve you in every step in the process of building high scalable marketing strategy, irresistible product messaging, and a high-converting funnel to scale and validate your startup idea with limited budget.

  • At this stage, we help you understand how investors think and how they evaluate startups by letting you talk to real venture fund founders.
  • Use this information in a simulation of an investment committee with Unicamel VC's pipeline companies.
  • Create an investment proposal and a fundraising plan for a UniAccelerator startup, as well as a presentation for investors (one-pager)

Getting your project done:

  • Find people with similar ideas and build a team to come up with startup ideas.
  • Present your idea to a group of experts and get feedback.
  • Learn how to do qualitative and quantitative research in the US, EU, Asia market for your ideas.
  • Make a go-to-market plan for an existing UniAccelerator startup from one of the most recent batches.
  • With a budget of up to $7K, you can test marketing ideas for new customer groups and channels.
  • Learn how to create and use a personal and professional brand to promote your new business.
  • Make action plans for building your brand, and experts will give you feedback based on those plans.

Getting your project done:

  • Analyze the chosen idea's market and competitors.
  • Find out what US, EU, Asia customers want.
    Every week, work with a mentor.
  • Learn how to create different types of MVPs based on the industry and business model
  • Use the most up-to-date tools to help you build your MVP, and make an action plan for your product's MVP.
  • Learn how to build a personalized marketing strategy and choose channels to test in the US, EU, Asia market

Work on your project:

  • Learn from startup CTOs how to find and choose the right tech co-founder.
  • Test your product's value hypothesis and make a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Find out the most important numbers about your product and make a plan to improve it.
  • Work with a mentor once a week
  • Learn how to build a network strategy with investors and possible partners in the US, EU, Asia market.
  • Learn the legal nuances you need to know about in order to close a deal with investors.
  • Find different ways to raise money and how to use them; come up with a fundraising plan for your project.
  • Find out how to set up an advisory board for both a project and your own growth.

Getting your project done:

  • Try out different ways to market your product.
  • Make a strong investment pitch and ask investors what they think.
  • Give a pitch for your new business to US investors
  • Every week, work with a mentor.

We will make the list of angel investors and venture capital firms fit your startup's industry, how well it is doing, and how much money it needs to raise.


  • Angels from New York, Berlin, Saudi, Singapore or Dubai are available for meetings: icebreaker, meeting new people, and getting feedback on ideas
  • Meetings with people from U.S. and European funds to get feedback on projects
  • Talk to the people who started successful businesses.
  • Meet with people who have gone through the UniAccelerator program in New York, Berlin, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Dubai.
  • Raising Funds
  • Take part in the Demo-Day and meet investors and business reps.
  • Experts from Unicamel and UniAccelerator can help you make a pitch deck and figure out how to get investors.
  • Events that teach people about B2B sales and fundraising

Benefits After program

Help in relocation to the Dubai after the program

Dubai visa support & help with company registration


Coworking space and networking events in Dubai


Fast track to Unicamel Accelerator

After the end of the program and funding from UniCapital on special terms

Timeline for the selection process

After going through 4 stages of selection, you will join a group of like-minded people where you can find tools to help you become an innovative, dynamic, and confident startup leader.

Step 1


Apply on the website, mentioning your current job and your professional experience, also description about idea.

Step 2


Get accepted to the program and choose a convenient date and time to meet with a program representative

Step 3

Announcement of Results

Prospective students receive individual offers and are accepted into the program

Step 4

Kick-off your startup

We’ll handpick the experts your project needs (no-code devs, designers, PMs) and kick-off your idea in right way, with right plan & strategy!​

Designed By ​ Real Hustlers

Edvinas Bernatavicius

Main area: Marketing, Project management

6 years experience in launching seed stage projects at record speed 🚀. No matter what kind of budget you have, Edvinas gonna find way how validate your idea in right way 📈.

Ahmed Ali

MAIN AREA: Business Development

Ahmed is a hustler with a MAKE IT HAPPEN attitude. He is a real doer 💪🏻 with 4 years of experience in the biggest tech-hub in region. He worked closely with many startups 🦄 and supported them during the journey.

Edvinas Rakickas


Edd is the one that will ask the right questions and find the answers 🏁. Innovative solutions is the name of the game, and with broad experience at Fintech and Startups 🚀. Edd is a wonderful addition to the team and company evolution.

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