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For first-time founders and early-stage startups πŸ‘‹

The All-In-One toolkit to Find Your Product-market and kick-Off your startup πŸš€

Get instant access to 60+ editable Notion cheatsheets with step by step guide of strategies used by most growing companies in the world.

Toolkit used by the top 3% of startups

Rita L.
Rita L.CMO of VoePayments
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"The resources are very helpful, and I save a lot of time not having to figure things out on my own."
John M.
John M.Marketing manager of Holly
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"Very, very, very large low-fidelity design kit that saves me a ton of time! Can't say enough thanks!"
Alex W.
Alex W.Freelancer
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"Wow, that's an amazing kit!"
Oliver M.
Oliver M.CEO of Kickers
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"I love how this kit speeds up the design process by making it easier to think."

Same strategies have been used by 50,000 fast-growing companies like:

60+ editable cheatsheets

10+ tools used by top startups

Step by step launch strategy

Our Startuper Kit featured by


60+ worksheets Industry-tested templates and best practices

For starting a business to help you find your niche and reach your goals. Checklists can be used for everything from coming up with ideas to validating them, finding customers, pitching, and more.

Toolkit used by the top 3% of startups

100+ Tutorials, Strategies, Tips, Guides

From idea to MVP to scaling up.

All the growth hacks, lessons learned, and how-tos that will help you get ahead in the market. It's help to launch your startup 5x faster and cheaper without coding, investor money, or chasing ideas.

Toolkit used by the top 3% of startups

Designed By​ founders for Founders

Edvinas Bernatavicius

Main area: Marketing, Project management

6 years experience in launching seed stage projects at record speed πŸš€. No matter what kind of budget you have, Edvinas gonna find way how validate your idea in right way πŸ“ˆ.

Ahmed Ali

MAIN AREA: Business Development

Ahmed is a hustler with a MAKE IT HAPPEN attitude. He is a real doer πŸ’ͺ🏻 with 4 years of experience in the biggest tech-hub in region. He worked closely with many startups πŸ¦„ and supported them during the journey.

Edvinas Rakickas


Edd is the one that will ask the right questions and find the answers 🏁. Innovative solutions is the name of the game, and with broad experience at Fintech and Startups πŸš€. Edd is a wonderful addition to the team and company evolution.

Find your product market fit with strategies used by world's top 3% of startup πŸš€

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