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We started Iterative to support founders like you

The first program in the world to help start-ups and innovators around the world turn their ideas into reality in a practical way​


Same strategies have been used by 50,000 fast-growing companies like:

We was in same position...

First X with an impact focus.

We've started over from 0 more than once. We've worked out of the basement, both in a figurative and a literal sense. Investors have told us that our idea was too small, too big, or just plain stupid. We used to think we'd be the next Facebook, but now we don't know what to do with our lives. We've been you. We are here to help.

Our mission

Unicamel aims to bring together global changemakers, socially responsible companies, startup founders, innovative entrepreneurs, investors, sustainability champions, and subject matter experts to build a more sustainable future.

Equity-Free Grant

Selected startups get help to get off the ground. There will be no equity taken out. ​

Make Your MVP

Fast-paced, hands-on program that lasts 4 weeks and helps you test your startup, find problem-solution fit, develop your business model, validate your idea and build your MVP to secure early customers.​

World-Class Mentorship​

Our experienced team of coaches & mentors offer you a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts.​

Investors Network

Access to further capital and investors to support your company.​

Numbers not lying

12 Batches

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Raised Follow-on Total of $75M+ raised by the program

170+ Companies

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Active and working projects, still crushing it! XXXX

350+ Founders

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Stayed in the US Startups with US-based revenue

Designed and led by top operators

The main expertises of Unicamel team are business analytics, project management, design, and development.

Edvinas Bernatavicius


6 years experience in launching seed stage projects at record speed 🚀. No matter what kind of budget you have, Edvinas gonna find way how validate your idea in right way. 📈

Ahmed Ali



Edvinas Rakickas

Project managment


+99 other experiences specialists

Unicamel is used by top companies all over the world to validate their ideas. ❤️

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Join the companies with the most rapid growth.

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